RWENZORI, The Mountains of the Moon/Equator glacier tours (EGT)

This snow capped mtn lying astride the equator is the highest mountain range in Africa, Margherita (5,109m) and Alexandra (5083m) on Mount Stanley, are exceeded in altitude elsewhere in Africa only by Kilimanjaro and Mt. kenya, both of which are extinct volcanoes standing in isolation above the surrounding plains.

The Rwenzori Mountains are unique among East Africa’s major peaks in that they are not Volcanic in Origin, but they do rise directly from the Rift valley floor and their formation , like that of Kilimanjaro and Kenya, was linked to the geological glacial peaks in the Rwenzori’s: Mt Speke(4,890M) , Mount Emin (4,727m), Mount Gessi (4,715m) and Mount Luigi da Savoia (4,627m

Day 1:

Arrival at Entebbe airport, picked up by our staff, driven to hotel for overnight.

Day 2: Kampala to Kasese via Mbarara

Depart Kampala for Rwenzori mts.

Then proceed to hotel Margherita for dinner and overnight rest.

Day 3: Equator Glaciers Tour (EGT) Begins.

Wake up early for a transfer to Nyakalengija the trailhead off Fortportal road. Move to Ibanda to start your 5-6 hour climb into the mountains. Your climb will take you through thick Equatorial vegetation before arriving at the Nyabitaba hut 2650 meters in the late evening . It is a 5 hours ascent to Nyabitaba Hut ,passing first through cultivation then through Forest. Dinner and Overnights at Nyabitaba Hut .

Day 4: John Matte Hut.

This is the longest and most strenuous day’s walk; expect it to take a minimum of seven hours . From Nyabitaba hut the path descends through forest for a short time before it crosses the Bujuku River at the Kurt Schafer bridge .Take breakfast, commence on a morning hike through the Kurt Shafer Bridge to wonder at the sparkling Mobuku river conflux. The path is good for the first couple of hours, but it becomes steeper and very rocky as you enter the moorland Zone where heather plants are Prolific. Have Lunch at Nyamileju Hut where there is a little used and rather run-down Hut , as well as a rock shelter. A climb through the open patches, Lobelia, and Heath moss forest before maneuvering a 2 hours ‘walk to the John Matte hut for an overnight.

Day 5: Bujuku Hut.

Retreat early through the giant Lobelias and heath trees. You move up to the Bigo Bog and a panoramic landscape of Lobelias and gigantic Groundsels. This take up to five hours , depending on the condition of the two Bigo Bogs, which are often Knee-deep in Mud .On the way the hut you will pass lake Bujuku ,which has a magnificent setting between mounts Stanley, Speke and Baker. Later, go for dinner and an overnight at Bujuku hut (3997 meters).

Day 6: Mount Victoria & Mount Speke.

Leave early morning for the valley in with scenic alpine vegetation consisting of huge Groundsels and Lobelia and ascent Mount Victoria and Mount Speke at (4890 meters).

Day 7: Elena Hut.

Depart through the gorgeous panorama of the Savoia and Elena glaciers climb further through to the Scott Elliott pass (4372 meters) and proceed through the snow to the Elena hut for overnight rest.

Day 8: Final Ascent To The Alps of Africa!

Early morning climb up to the snowy Alexander peak (5092m); and then move onwards to the supreme peak at (5109m), it gives a good panoramic view and hence a great photo opportunities available. There after descend to the beautiful lake Kitandara for overnight stay at Kitandara safaris hut (3900m).

Day 9: Descent, Guy Yeoman Hut.

After early breakfast, plunge starts. Have a Picnic luncheon on your way, after which we carry on journey to Guy Yeoman hut for dinner and overnight’s rest.

Day 10: Back To Kasese.

Descend to Nyabitaba and proceed to Ibanda and check in hotel Margherita for overnight rest.

Day 11: Transfer back to Kampala